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Give up to workaround your color problems...  SOLVE IT !
Yes, we have joined the common trend "Open Source Code" world!

Now, we offer "Open Source Code" color matching software not only for color comparison (known as quality control) but also recipe formulation.

A sample source code could be downloaded from the button at the left.

Now, you can create your own screen design, printer reports, remove unwanted details, add another details, integrate it with any machine like sending recipe data to your exsisting pipetting machine, weighing scales, dosing systems, mixers or re-build your own color matching software for comercial purposes or more. It depends on your imagine dimensions.  Fully functional source code is in your hand now. Use it as you want...

The sample source code at the left has been written in Visual Basic 6.0. This doesn't mean you must use VB6. It is a sample code to show you how easy it is.

You don't need to learn or understand how L, a ,b, C, H values or a recipe of a color  are calculated. You don't need to learn about color spaces conversions. You don't need to be famillar mathematics, color physics. You don't need to dive into complex coding. You don't need to be a advanced programmer as well. You can build your own professional color matching software like the other well known professional players/companies in the market, not less than them.

Incredible or sounds fake? Of course not. As we are color matching software producer company for decades, we know how it is done. So, we have collected all necessary functions in a standart Windows DLL and been serving to the ones who wish to create his/her own color mathing software for individual or comercial purposes. It's a function library.

Tha name of the DLL file is CCT.DLL. After buying this DLL file, just copy the file into a directory of your computer (commonly windows/system directory is used) and start your programing editor (VB6, VB .NET, C, C, C#, Delphi etc). That's it.

You just focus on designing the visual parts (screens, reports) and database organizations (data handling, save, recall data) of your sofware and call the necessary function where you need to calculate something about color or colors. At the end of this page you will also find a comprehensive user manual including the function list in the CCT.DLL

As an example, design a screen in your programing environment and put a button in it and name it "MEASURE". Now, you want that when the user press this button, a measurement will be taken and the L, a, b values will be calculated and the results will be displayed on the screen. You only need to call 2 functions consecutively: MEASURE function and CIELAB_CALCULATE function. The results will return back in 3 different variables you defined. Just put them on the screen as you wish. If you want to get the recipe of this color just call function
RECIPE_REFLEKTANCE31_CALCULATE. Check out the user manual.

CCT.DLL does not only include calculation or coversion functions but also includes color measurement instrument management functions such as CALIBRATE, MEASURE etc. Of course we can not have all color measurement instruments in the world but it can work almost all major brands.

CCT.DLL is a white label product. This means that your customers will never know we exist. It works behind the scene and speaks with your application silently.
Download sample code
Download User Manual